The mission of the Doctoral Studies Council (CSUD) is to manage the Institution Offering Doctoral Studies (IOSUD) at the University of Oradea (art. 9 p. 1 GD no 681/2011 modified and extended by GD no 134/2016) through:

  1. Establishing the IOSUD strategy
  2. Drafting IOSUD's Institutional Rules regarding the organising and pursuit of doctoral (PhD) studies
  3. Approval for decisions regarding the establishment and dissolution of doctoral (PhD) schools within IOSUD
  4. Selection of doctorate (PhD) supervisors that are part of a newly-established doctoral school
  5. Managing partnerships in situations where IOSUD is constituted of one, according to the partnership contract
  6. Other specific duties - set forth in the Institutional Rules regarding the organising and pursuit of doctoral (PhD) studies - emerge by extrapolation, according to the law, and through the responsibilities in administrative organising of the doctoral studies pursuit within the institution. Such duties include managing the PhD students' activity and promoting education processes and scientific research which are particular for this cycle of academic training.

The doctoral schools that are part of IOSUD at the University of Oradea set as their mission the creation and transfer of knowledge towards society through:

  • Academic training at the highest standard for the doctoral (PhD) student, having the purpose of fulfilling his/her need for intellectual, professional and social development, but also fulfilling society's need for highly specialized workforce.
  • Promoting excellence in the process of scientific research, development, innovation and knowledge transfer to the Romanian society, thus meeting its progress needs.


The strategic objective of CSUD consists of improving the quality of the doctoral studies experience within IOSUD at University of Oradea - by developing existing doctoral schools but also by supporting and promoting new PhD domains within IOSUD.

The following goals stem from the strategic objective:

  1. Optimise and make a more efficient training track for advanced studies.
  2. Stimulate and develop the ability and means of research, while promoting new research directions.
  3. Development of the human resource involved in doctoral studies
  4. Internationalisation - increase IOSUD at University of Oradea's reach nationally as well as internationally.
  5. Optimise the activity of the institution's structures that benefit the IOSUD
  6. Ensure a transparent, efficient and involving type of management