Methodology of admitting foreign citizens from EU third countries for studies and schooling in accredited state and private educational institutions from Romania 


Every year, the academic year starts on the 1st of October .


Eligible candidates

  • Candidates from non-European Union countries;
  • Candidates who have graduated from a University accredited in their country and offers access of the candidate for the chosen education programme.


  • DO NOT send original documents but send copies authenticated by the Romanian embassy or consulate.
  • The university has NO obligation or responsibility for the actions taken by intermediaries (persons or companies).
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Language of studies

a. Romanian
Candidates who do not speak Romanian language can apply for studies into Romanian provided they take a preparatory language course one year before enrolment. At the end of the preparatory year, the candidates will acquire a Romanian language certificate. In case the candidate already has knowledge of Romanian language, they can sit in for the Romanian language test at the Faculty of Letters which issues a language certificate. Romanian language certificates will be accepted only from Romanian universities accredited to issue such certificates.

The candidates submitting Romanian diplomas and certificates, or documents attesting studies pursued in Romanian for at least four consecutive years in a pre-university unit or three consecutive years in a Romanian accredited higher education institution are exempt from taking the Romanian language test

As of this year, candidates can apply for a Romanian language preparatory year at the University of Oradea.

b. English
Candidates choosing specialisations in English have to submit one of the following documents: internationally acknowledged English certificate, proof that they pursued prior studies in English, proof that the candidate is a national of a country where English is an official language, or an English certificate issued by the Faculty of Letters (University of Oradea).


Seating assignment

Every year, the Senate of the university with the approval of the Ministry of National Education decides on the number of available places. The number of available places is published on the doctoral school webpage.


Deadlines to receive applications: DOAR PENTRU MEDICINA?!?!?!?!

  • Bachelor and master degrees - 18 July
  • Romanian language preparatory year - 5 September
  • Doctoral studies - 31 July
  • Residency - 24 March


Admission procedure

Foreign students who wish to enroll at the University of Oradea must submit documents authenticated by the Romanian Embassy/Consulate directly to the International Relations Department, Office for Foreign Students.

Candidates send their files directly to the University who evaluates the files and sends the list of the proposed candidates to the Ministry of National Education – General Direction for International Relations in order to issue the letter of acceptance.

The General Direction for International Relations will issue the Letter of acceptance to studies and will send it to the University. The selection will be done at the level of each faculty and specialization.

The Ministry of National Education requires specific diplomas from every country. The list can be found HERE.


Processing file fee

Before the file is processed, all candidates must pay a non-refundable processing file fee of 150 euro, a fee requested by the University of Oradea. The processing file fee will be paid to the University’s bank account before the application is submitted and it covers the expenses for the process of the issuance of the acceptance letter.

Once the processing file fee is paid, it cannot be reimbursed.


Beneficiary/Account's holder: Universitatea din Oradea, International Relations Department

Beneficiary address: str. Universitatii, nr.1, 410087 Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Name and address of the Bank: Banca Transilvania, Sucursala: Agentia Centru Oradea, Adresa: Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr.1

IBAN Account: RO15BTRLEURCRT0078251103

Bank Swift code: BTRLRO22


Documents required for the undergraduate programs at the University of Oradea 2018-2019

  1. Application form for the issuance of the acceptance letter for studies (2 copies)
  2. Application form for the university (2 copies) Doctoral studies
  3. University Diploma  which allows the access of the candidate to the respective education program copy and legalised translation (English or Romanian) (2 copies)
  4. Transcript of records from University- copy and legalised translation (English or Romanian) (2 copies)
  5. Birth certificate: copy and legalized translation (English or Romanian) (2 copies)
  6. Passport Copy  – valid at least 6 months after the date when the letter of acceptance to studies is issued; (2 copies)
  7. Identity card (proof of permanent address )  translated copy-(2 copies)
  8. Medical certificate in English to prove that the applicant does not suffer from contagious diseases( HIV, TBC, Hepatitis C) or other illnesses incompatible with the future profession) –(2 copies)
  9. 2 passport photos (3/4 cm)
  10. Confirmation of payment of the non-refundable processing file fee of 150 euro into the Bank account of the University.
  11. English/Romanian language certificate B2 level (2 copies)
  12. Other documents. Please contact SUD Secretary Office for guidance.
  13. If  the submission of the file will be made by another person, the authorized person must submit to the Foreign Students Office a notarized power of attorney and passport copy.

Bank account details:

Beneficiary/Account's holder: Universitatea din Oradea, International Relations Department

Beneficiary address: str. Universitatii, nr. 1, 410087 Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Name and address of the Bank: Banca Transilvania, Sucursala : Agentia Centru Oradea, Adresa: Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 1

IBAN Account


               Bank Swift code: BTRLRO22

Payment details: Processing file fee for…. (name of the candidate)Bank Swift code: BTRLRO22

For ENROLMENT the candidates will have to submit original, and copies of the documents certified for authentication by the Embassy of Romania in the issuing country or endorsed with the apostille of  The Hague.

The file will be submitted to:

Post Address:University of Oradea
International Relations Department/Foreign Students Office
C.P.114, O.P no 1, Oradea
Universitatii Street no 1, zip code 410 087, Oradea, Romania
phone: +40259/ 408 144


Tuition fees - University of Oradea

TUITION FEE - University of Oradea

TUITION FEE - Government of Romania, Ordinance no.22/2009



The tuition fee must be paid in advance for 9 months when the acceptance letter is issued:
- through a bank transfer to the account of the University of Oradea opened at Banca Transilvania Oradea

Beneficiary/Account's holder: Universitatea din Oradea, Faculty... (the Faculty you opted for)

Beneficiary address: str. Universitatii, nr.1, 410087 Oradea, Bihor, Romania

Name and address of the Bank: Banca Transilvania, Sucursala: Agentia Centru Oradea, Adresa: Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr.1

IBAN Account: RO15BTRLEURCRT0078251103

Bank Swift code: BTRLRO22


Important: In the case of bank transfer or cash, the students will pay for the bank commission for both their bank and for Banca Transilvania Oradea. The exact amount mentioned above should be in the account of the University of Oradea.


10. Obtaining student visa

Once the student was accepted for studies and the letter of acceptance was issued, the next step is to pay all the fees and then apply for the Visa to the Romanian Embassy or Romanian Consulate in their home countries. For this each student has to contact personally the Embassy or the Consulate. In case there is no Romanian diplomatic mission in their country they have to contact one of the closest representations of Romania.


11. Police authorization

All foreigners who intend to study and live in Romania for a long period must register with the local police within 3 days after entering the country. After enrolment, they must apply for the residence permit in Oradea.


12. Enrollment

After obtaining the letter of the acceptance and the student visa the student has to enroll at the faculty of their choice at the University of Oradea.

Enrollment of the foreign citizens for all forms of studies will be carried out according to each faculty prerequisites.

For enrollment, the candidates will need to submit original and copies of the documents certified for authentication by the embassy of Romania to the issuing country or endorsed with the apostille of the Hague.

Documents required for ENROLLMENT in the University of Oradea

1. Original letter of Acceptance
2. Original study certificate (University diploma) and a Romanian translation authenticated by the Romanian Embassy in the country of issuance;                                                        
3.  Birth certificate – authenticated copy and authenticated Romanian translation;
4.  Passport copy with the specific visa for studies;
5. 4 passport photos;
6. Health certificate translated into Romanian and stamped by the university physician
7. Marriage certificate (if the applicant's last name changed subsequent to marriage)
8. Language certificate (English or Romanian)
9. Enrollment fee
10. A plastic folder for the documents
These are the main documents the students should submit upon arrival. However, each faculty can ask the candidates for extra application forms or documents.

13. Scholarships

Every year the Ministry of Education in Romania offers a number of scholarships to top students enrolled at the University of Oradea.


14. Other information

• Foreign citizens can cover study expenses with the support of the Romanian Government scholarships or through their own financing

 • Students of Romanian origin, Romanian students residing abroad, as well as students owing two or more citizenships out of which one is Romanian can benefit from a 1/3 discount in paying the tuition fee as granted by the Ministry of Education.


15. Accommodation
Students can live in hostels. In order to do that, they must arrive at the university on the 1st of September when room distribution for students is scheduled. Otherwise the students will have to rent private flats.