According to the Code of Doctoral Studies, the main duties of the Council of the Doctoral School are:

a) to draw up the Doctoral School Regulations;

b) to take decisions on granting or revoking the membership of the doctoral school to some doctoral supervisors and to set minimum standards of scientific performance in order to objectively apply these procedures;

c) enrolling and dismissing doctoral students at the proposal of the doctoral supervisors who are members of the Doctoral School;

d) decisions on the approval of the status of teaching and research staff affiliated to the Doctoral School, as appropriate;

e) assist the external evaluator in the evaluation process for accreditation/recognition or provisional authorisation of the doctoral school;

f) other specific tasks according to the National Education Law, national and internal regulations.

The term of office of the Council of the Doctoral School is 5 years.

Doctoral School Director

Prof.univ.dr. habil. Olimpia Ban

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Consultations: 14,00-16,00 on Thursdays, room F301, body F

Doctoral School Council Members - student member elections, May 2021

Prof. habil. Olimpia Ban

Prof.univ.dr.habil. Alina Bădulescu

Prof.univ.dr. Mihai Berinde

Prof.univ.dr.habil. Nicoleta Sîrghi - West University of Timisoara

PhD student. Prodan Ioana

PhD student. Bărnuț Cătălin