The Sociology PhD field is authorized at the University of Oradea since 2009. 6 PhD coordinators with skills and expertise in the most varied areas of social sciences are working in the field. As of 1 January 2019 there were 60 PhD students enrolled in Sociology at various stages of their PhD thesis.

The doctoral field team encourages inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches to research topics, methodologically robust investigations and continuously monitors compliance with ethical standards in doctoral research.

The PhD in Sociology at the University of Oradea can be scientific, focused on advanced scientific research that produces significant and original contributions to the development of knowledge in the field, or professional, focused on professional disciplines and applied research. The PhD programme in sociology usually lasts 3 years, benefits each year from a certain number of government study grants and scholarships and is completed with the scientific title of PhD following the successful defence of the PhD thesis by the PhD student. In addition to government scholarships, in recent years a significant number of doctoral students have benefited from doctoral scholarships through the POSDRU programmes. Throughout the three years of training the PhD student benefits from the supervision of the PhD coordinator and the support of the supervision committee composed of staff of the Faculty of Socio-Human Sciences. Through the advanced training programme the student is provided with methodological training courses in the field, other advanced courses in the field, is encouraged to participate in research projects, and to materialize his research results through publications and participation in scientific meetings.