The main mission of the Doctoral School is to support the training of Doctoral students, future engineers as highly trained experts in their field of expertise as independent specialists and researchers able to develop innovative solutions. This mission is accomplished by:

Expertise in the field. Strengthening private knowledge through the systematic acquisition of knowledge through intense and in-depth study of materials in the training program and high-value scientific articles in the chosen field.

Original research. Developing new, innovative and original ideas and solutions. Developing the mathematical apparatus and computer modeling of studied phenomena and processes, describing exactly the ideas and solutions developed. Validation of theoretical ideas through experimental research, for which appropriate stands and devices will be designed.

Ability to present research results. By elaborating valuable scientific articles published in international journals and finally by elaborating the doctoral thesis. Developing the capacity to present clearly and arguably new ideas and concepts and the results of the researches.

The objectives of the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences can be synthesized as follows:

  • acquiring and enhancing universal knowledge in engineering sciences;
  • cultivating the intellect in the spirit of independent thinking, respect for human excellence, and enhancing the capacity to profess a role in society;
  • Ensuring the quality of educational, research and management processes;
  • Development of scientific research in line with the strategy and priorities defined at national and European level;
  • Increasing the national and European visibility of the University of Oradea by enhancing academic collaboration, the socio-economic environment and adapting the educational offer to market demands;
  • Promoting an efficient management system, based on the principles of university autonomy, in partnership with the beneficiaries of the educational services;
  • Developing innovation and entrepreneurship strategy;
  • Ensuring the quality of student life;