The current doctoral field of Electrical Engineering resulted from the merger of the doctoral fields: electrical engineering, electrical and electronic measurements, electrical machines and drives, electrical energy utilization and reliability in electrical engineering.

Within the PhD field of Electrical Engineering at the University of Oradea we focused on the following research directions: electrical engineering, electrical energy utilization / conversion of electromagnetic field energy into thermal energy, electrical measurement systems and electrical energy production from heat energy of thermal water as well as from other renewable energies.

We mention that our approaches are also interdisciplinary in nature, such as: numerical analysis of electromagnetic field coupled with thermal field, design and realization of inductive, radio frequency and microwave electrothermal equipment and other conversion systems.

These approaches also require optimisation aspects from the modelling and numerical simulation phase of electromagnetic and thermal processes and in the conversion of unconventional energies into electricity.

The research topics offered to PhD students are in line with the current requirements of the economic environment and scientific concerns in the field.
The human resource involved in the coordination of doctoral activities consists of 4 PhD supervisors, two full and two associate.