The PhD field of ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IETTI) operates within the IOSUD Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences at the University of Oradea, with a pronounced interdisciplinary character, combining knowledge and applications from the field mentioned as well as from fields such as information technology, automation, bionics, electrical engineering or energy.

The PhD supervisors in the IETTI field at the University of Oradea carry out research in the following areas:

Multidimensional image and signal processing and analysis (research and implementation of algorithms for: image representation, image enhancement, medical image acquisition and image processing using wavelets and multiwavelets, motion estimation and compensation, parallel computing hardware structures for image and image sequence processing, image compression, information source separation, etc.); Main application areas are: medical imaging (assisted diagnosis of various diseases, development of integrated systems for real-time assistance in medical diagnosis and/or treatment follow-up), telecommunications, robotics;
circuit theory, cellular neural/linear networks (CNN, cellular wave computing), parallel computing hardware structures, analysis of multiprocessor structures, kiloprocessor architectures, applications using digitally emulated neural networks;
Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and IOT (Internet of Things), with applications in adaptive driving of robots, in systems for assisting the visually impaired, biomedical signal analysis and processing;
advanced robots, real-time realisation of signal processing applications, hardware structures optimised and dedicated for the specific application, (e.g. autonomous mobile robots, mobile robot trajectory planning; robot and robot colony interaction; image-based adaptive robot control), smart sensors, sensor data fusion;
audio-video technologies, telecommunications (making the most efficient use of communication channels for transmission of data, voice, images, etc.);
applied electronic systems; study, design, development, experimentation of new integrated hardware and software solutions;
telecommunications networks and software;
expertise and consultancy in the field of electronics, telecommunications and information technologies.