The minimum national standards for the award of the doctoral degree in the field of Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, as set out in Annex No 11 - Commission for Electronics, Telecommunications and Nanotechnology, of OMEN No 5110 of 17 September 2018.

In order to be awarded the title of doctor, the following minimum standards must be met:

The doctoral candidate must be author or co-author of at least four papers published, on the topic of the thesis, in international journals or conference volumes indexed in BDI recognized in the field;
at least one of the papers published on the thesis topic must be published in an ISI-listed journal or at least two of the papers must be published in ISI-indexed journals/conference volumes;
the doctoral candidate is first author on at least two of the published papers in the thesis topic;
the following international databases (BDI) are recognised in the field of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications: ISI, Scopus, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Xplore, Science Direct, Elsevier, Springerlink, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), DBLP and EURASIP.