The Department of Energy Engineering also offers the following training and continuing professional development programs:

Energy Management;
Electro-energy balances;
Thermal energy balances;
Theoretical training courses for electrician licensing.

On the background of the concerns and achievements accumulated at the University of Oradea, in the field of Energy Engineering, in 1991, prof. dr. eng. Teodor Maghiar received the right to conduct a doctorate in Electroenergetics, within the fundamental field "Technical Sciences". We mention that Prof. T. Maghiar was the first PhD supervisor at the University of Oradea, which allows us to state that the PhD field of Energy Engineering, through the specialization "Electroenergetics" is the first PhD field authorized at the University of Oradea. In the period 1991-1999 a significant number of doctoral students graduated under the supervision of the late T. Maghiar.

In 1994, prof. dr. eng. Ioan Felea, obtained the right to conduct PhDs in the specialization "reliability" within the fundamental field "technical sciences", being practically the third PhD supervisor accredited at the University of Oradea. Taking into account that the field of competence and scientific research of Prof. I. Felea is in Electrical Engineering, the topics of the doctoral theses he supervised were related to the reliability of energy equipment and installations. With the completion of his doctoral studies in 1999, Prof. I. Felea opted, as was natural, to conduct doctoral studies in Power Engineering.

In 2003, he obtained the title of "doctor engineer" in Energy Engineering, Mr. Gh. Constantin Ionescu, enrolled in 1996 in the specialization "reliability" (prof. I. Felea) and finishing in the field of energy engineering, as a result of the supervisor's choice. Benefiting from the so-called "Miclea Order" (OM no. ....../2005), Prof. dr. eng. Gh. Constantin Ionescu obtains the rank of university professor, and at the same time the right to conduct PhDs in "Energy Engineering".

Currently, within SDSI, the "Energy Engineering" field has two PhD supervisors

Prof. emeritus Ioan Felea
Prof. univ. Gheorghe Constantin Ionescu
From an educational and scientific point of view, the doctoral field "Energy Engineering" operates within the Department of Energy Engineering, and from an administrative point of view this field is integrated within the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences (SDSI).

The scientific researches of the teaching staff and researchers affiliated to the energy field at the University of Oradea have been carried out in the following directions:

Modelling and evaluation of quality, reliability and maintenance of energy installations
Optimization of networks and power systems
Identification of solutions for the efficient use of renewable energy resources
Optimal management of energy systems