The PhD field of ENGINEERING and MANAGEMENT operates within the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences IOSUD University of Oradea with a pronounced interdisciplinary character integrating technical principles with management.

The research in this field aims to meet the challenges of complex engineering issues responding to the requirements of the Industry 4.0 concept:

Cognitive Enterprise
Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS)
Cloud Services
Big data analytics

Conducted in the integrative context of sustainability and sustainability, advanced product development cycle research and performance management aims to optimise resources, yield and productivity of operations, build a dynamic supply chain that accelerates innovation, eliminate redundant features, improve energy efficiency.

The development aspects of new generations of products and technologies are proposed as research and optimisation themes of the PhD area of ENGINEERING and MANAGEMENT in order to provide the entrepreneurial ecosystem with solutions that are close to expectations, creative, innovative and generating added value.

The proposed participatory, collaborative approach to the research theme is supported by the experience of the PhD supervisors combining aspects of engineering and management.

The work of the Engineering and Management doctoral programme is carried out in the spirit of and with respect for academic ethics and research ethics.