The PhD field MATHEMATICS was established on 14.02.2019 (OMEN 3100/28.01.2019) and is organized within the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences.

The following doctoral supervisors are active in the PhD field Mathematics:

- Prof.univ.dr. habil. Sorin GAL (OMEN no. 5633/11.12.2013-holder);

- Prof.univ.dr. habil. Alexandru Mihai BICA (OMECS no. 4718/11.08.2015-holder);

- Prof.univ.dr. habil. Irene Maria SABADINI (Decision recognizing the quality of PhD supervisor no. 301 of 20.07.2018-associate);

- Prof.univ.dr.habil. Mircea BALAJ (OMEN no. 3983/14.06.2021)

Currently (academic year 2020-2021), at the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences - PhD field Mathematics are enrolled a number of 3 PhD students

The PhD field Mathematics, organized within the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences, has as its mission the generation and transfer of knowledge to society through:

academic training, at the highest level of performance, of the PhD student with the aim of satisfying the need for their intellectual, professional and social development, as well as society's need for a specialized workforce;
to promote excellence in the processes of scientific research, development, innovation and transfer of knowledge to the Romanian society, thus responding to its need for progress.
The main objectives pursued by the PhD field are the following:

Ob.1. optimise and make more efficient training programmes based on advanced studies;

Ob.2. to ensure and continuously improve the quality of the activities carried out within the doctoral field;

Ob.3. stimulate, develop research capacity and capabilities, while promoting new research directions;

Ob.4. develop the human resources involved in the doctoral studies;

Ob.5. internationalisation and increased visibility at national and international level;

At the Faculty of Computer Science and Sciences, which manages the PhD field of Mathematics, there is an internally accredited research centre called the Research Centre for Applied Mathematical Analysis and Theoretical Informatics. Its members are both PhD coordinators and teaching staff members of the PhD supervision committees, as well as PhD students.

For the PhD supervisors and the supervision activity within the Doctoral School of Engineering Sciences, the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science manages the PhD field Mathematics, providing the following room with appropriate equipment: the Computer Science Laboratory in room C103 registered on the ERRIS platform.

PhD supervisors provide PhD students with access to their own bibliographic material. Doctoral students also have access to the printed and electronic resources of the University of Oradea Library, as well as to the Anelis platform.