The Doctoral School (DS) of GEOGRAPHY operates under this name since the academic year 2011-2012 (HS no. 170 of 12.09.2011-Appendix 11, according to ROFSUD, art.7, paragraph (2), letter (b), organizing the doctoral studies in the fundamental field of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, branch of science Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, doctoral field GEOGRAPHY.

The doctoral field of Geography was established in 2002 (OMEC no. 4544/23.09.2002), and the following doctoral supervisors have been working in this field over the years:

- Prof. JOSAN NICOLAE (OM nr. 4222/11.07.1997) - retired;

- Prof. MĂHĂRA GHEORGHE (OM no. 4308/28.08.2002) - deceased;

- Prof. NEAMU GHEORGHE (OM No. 4308/28.08.2002) - retired;

- Prof.univ.dr. ILIEȘ ALEXANDRU (OM nr. 479/05.03.2007);

- Prof.univ.dr. URDEA PETRU (OM nr. 479/05.03.2007) - transferred to West University of Timișoara;

- Prof.univ.dr. OLARU MARTIN (OM nr. 1071/15.05.2007) - associate, retired;

- Prof.univ.dr. PETREA RODICA (OM nr. 6046/02.12.2009) - deceased;

- Prof.univ.dr. habil. WENDT JAN (Certificate of Recognition 26074/10.05.2012)

- Prof.univ.dr. habil. ILIEȘ DORINA CAMELIA (OM no. 623/06.11.2014);

- Prof.univ.dr. habil. GACEU OVIDIU RĂZVAN (OM no. 623/06.11.2014);

At present (academic year 2020-2021), the Doctoral School of Geography has 29 doctoral students. Also, since the academic year 2015-2016 and until now, a number of 11 PhD students have publicly defended their PhD thesis, all of them have obtained the scientific title of PhD in Geography being confirmed by the CNATDCU, thus the percentage of PhD students out of the total PhD students who have publicly defended their PhD thesis is 100%.

The spaces and the material endowment allocated to the Geography PhD field allow the realization of research activities, in the evaluated field, in accordance with the assumed mission and objectives.

At the Faculty of Geography, Tourism and Sport / Doctoral School of Geography there is an internally accredited research centre, called Centre for Territorial Studies and Analysis - CSAT - director, Prof. Dr. Herman Grigore Vasile. It was established in 2004 (according to CNCSIS Certificate no. 29/CC-C of 11.05.2004) and is periodically evaluated and re-accredited internally.