Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts - Change of name

The mission of the Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts, with the doctoral fields of Philology, Music and Theology, is to coordinate the doctoral students' advanced undergraduate program and their individual scientific research program.

The Council of the Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts consists of 4 members and has the following tasks:

Establishing the strategy for the organization of the activity within the Doctoral School;
Elaboration of the regulations for the organization and running of the doctoral programs at the level of the Doctoral School;
Taking decisions on the granting or revocation of SD membership of some PhD supervisors, as well as setting minimum standards of scientific performance for the objective application of these procedures;
Rationale for decisions on the enrolment and dismissal of doctoral students, at the proposal of the doctoral supervisors who are members of the Doctoral School;
Decisions on the endorsement of the status of teaching and research staff affiliated to the Doctoral School, as appropriate;
Assists the external evaluator in the evaluation process for accreditation/reaccreditation or provisional authorisation of the doctoral school;
Approves the committees: for admission, research project support, doctoral report support, respectively, the mentoring committee and the committee for the public presentation of the doctoral thesis
It approves, from the point of view of the fulfilment of academic requirements, the individual training programmes of doctoral students, as well as the requests of doctoral students to support the research project, to support research reports, to interrupt/extend/grace period of studies, to change the title/doctoral supervisor, to defend the doctoral thesis in front of the doctoral supervisor and the supervision committee, to defend the thesis publicly, other requests;
Approves the equivalence of activities in the training programme based on advanced university studies at the proposal of the doctoral supervisor;

The strategic objective of the Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts is to improve the quality of doctoral studies in the fields of Philology, Music and Theology.

The following objectives derive from the strategic objective:

To optimise and make more efficient the training programmes based on advanced studies;
Stimulate, develop research capacity and capabilities, while promoting new research directions;
Development of the human resources involved in doctoral studies;
Internationalization and increased visibility of research activities carried out by PhD supervisors and PhD students;
Optimising the activities of institutional structures;
Ensuring a participative, transparent and efficient management style.

Rules of organization and functioning of the Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts