The Faculty of Letters of the University of Oradea has been organising doctoral studies since 2004. Currently, the duration of doctoral studies is 3 years. The work is carried out on the basis of a curriculum comprising compulsory and optional subjects and research activities and the elaboration of scientific papers. The European system of transferable credits ensures internal and external mobility for doctoral students, as well as participation in national and international scientific research programmes, for which they can also obtain a scholarship.

The Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts managed by the Faculty of Letters organises doctoral studies in the field of Philology, specifically in the following application areas:

Romanian literature
comparative literature
Doctoral studies promote interdisciplinarity, internal and international co-supervision. The study programmes ensure the acquisition of general and specialist knowledge and skills as well as specific cognitive skills. General knowledge refers to the accumulation, interpretation and development of cutting-edge acquisitions in the doctoral field. General competences concern: development of research techniques and their application in different and specific contexts, theoretical constructs, discursive constructs of an academic type; taking responsibility for developing a research programme, critical thinking, creativity, inventiveness. Specific cognitive skills involve: identifying new problems and approaching them through research, creative and combinatory imagination, critical and interpretative analysis. In addition to theoretical knowledge and the researcher's own investigative skills, the doctoral candidate must master the latest methods and general, practical research and writing procedures specific to the preparation of a scientific paper.

The studies are completed by the public defence of a doctoral thesis in order to obtain the scientific title of Doctor of Philology. The mandatory conditions that a doctoral thesis must meet are the novelty of the topic, originality, honesty in the use of bibliographical sources, the increase of knowledge that it brings to the field, the possibilities of practical, useful use of scientific research.

In accordance with OMEN no. 5110 of 17 September 2018, the following minimum standards must be met in order to be awarded the title of doctor:

The doctoral candidate must have participated with a paper in at least two national or international scientific congresses/conferences/collaborations, in the country or abroad, proven by the programme of the activity;
the doctoral candidate must have published at least two scientific articles in specialist journals or collective volumes;
both the communications and the published scientific articles must represent parts of the thesis (indicated by footnotes in the content of the doctoral thesis) or contain results of research carried out in the framework of doctoral research.
The Doctoral School of Humanities and Arts managed by the Faculty of Letters is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of University Diplomas and Certificates on the basis of its institutional capacity, educational effectiveness and quality management.